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MET Review News

We were born out of a mission of turning every dreamer to an achiever. Since 1996, MET Review Center has been helping more than eighty percent of its reviewees to become professional teachers in both the primary and secondary levels. And every year since then, the reviewees are growing in number as well as the overall passing rate.

A Firm Commitment To Quality Review

Ensuring that effective learning is transmitted to every reviewee, we are committed in providing them with sophisticated facilities and well-respected reviewers.

Our seasoned reviewers are reputable educators and practitioners in their respective field of specialization. We employ a rigid screening of lecturers for qualification to our programs to ensure that every reviewees will be well-prepared every after each review program.

How Do We See the Future?

The future is about connections. Unlike in the past decades, we see the world today as one. Regional ties are forged. Worldwide cooperations are drawn. Global relations are formed. The power of information technology knows no boundaries and has allowed the freeflow interchange of cultures and viewpoints – changing the way we conduct our things, our actions.

Education is not spared from this transformation. So if you want to connect well with a better future, MET Review Center, through eBlackBoards Philippines, innovates the learning process that will take you there.

Let Us Take You To The Future

eBlackBoards Philippines commissions itself to be the leading provider of advanced web-based supplemental education solutions. We have achieved this through innovative and flexible design methodologies, adoption of the world’s best technologies and by maintaining our commitment to complete customer support and satisfaction.

No matter how extensive your requirements are, eBlackBoards Philippines shall provide you the vehicle that will transport your learners to their desired future.

The Future at your hands, Today!

Whether in business or in education itself, eBlackBoards Philippines offers to deliver innovative solutions to current IT challenges. eBlackBoards Philippines uses the latest products and technologies to improve the proceses, automate the creation of information and make this more accessible to the people who need it. Right here, right now, the future of education and business is within your reach …




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